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May 21st, 2008 at Teatre Lliure - Barcelona

Direction, concept and general coordination: Carolina Olivares (CO producciones) | Scenic director: Angeles Ciscar | Audiovisual: Zeligstudio | Graphics: Toormix | Music selector & DJ: Huracán Ramírez | Closing performance: Meneo | Light design: Ray García | Technical direction and equipment: Eikonos Serveis Audiovisuals | Catering: Moncho’s Catering | Extras: Alumnos del primer y segundo año de Danza y Teatro de escuelas de Barcelona | Organizer: FAD | Institutional sponsors: Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, ICUB | Official sponsors: DAMM, Fundació BancSabadell, HP

Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communications Awards of graphic design and visual communication called by the Art Directors & Graphic Designers Association.

Adg-fad commissioned the concept and direction to CO producciones, giving total freedom to organize the ceremony award NIT LAUS.

CO producciones took as a starting point the graphic design concept selected by adg-fad for this edition, which suggested a claim to the day of graphic pride.

CO producciones transferred this format to theater, proposing to break the traditional concept of an award ceremony, taking away the presence of a presenter, creating a fresh and surprising dynamic. With the collaboration of Angeles Ciscar as the scenic director, there was a casting of 50 extras (theater and dance students) that developed diverse performances in the form of demonstrations, which presented the different areas of the ceremony.

In addition to the work of scenic direction, the general concept and general coordination of NIT LAUS 08, CO producciones formed a team for the lighting, props, stage, music, casting and closing performance, inviting Meneo to perform a Chiptune concert (synthesized music by a gameboy in real time) in the lobby of Teatre Lliure.