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 February 9th to June 1st, 2007 at KBB

Artist: Claude Lèvêque | Curators: Lucie Champagnac, Sigismond de Vajay | Executive production and press: Carolina Olivares ( CO producciones) | Text: Timothée Chaillou | Webmaster: Angeles Moreno | Communitcation design: Iván Hernández | Sponsors and collaborators: Instituto Francés de Barcelona, Illy Café, B Hotel, Institut de Cultura de Barcelona, Embajada de Francia en España | Mounting crew: Szabolcs Antal, Norberto Izso, Szabolcs Sági, David Katz, Bart Lizárraga, Cecilia Martínez, Roberto Martínez | Aknowledgements: Alex Filella, Joan Prosper de Finca Las Vilas, Consulado Francés en Barcelona, Manuel Cirauqui, Ortrun Trog, Arantxa Martínez, Julia Aliaga de Estrella Damm, Sumarroca, Barcelona Reikavic, Consulado Suizo, Anne Roy de MS Esection Export.

Claude Lèvêque is one of the most relevant artists of his generation in France at the moment. In 2009 was chosen to represent France in the Venice Biennal.

For the installation "La Guerre du Chocolat", Lèveque visualized a group of biographic souvenirs and elements that belonged to a specific generation. Simple elements distributed on the space and divided by an illuminated frontier surrounded by a fog that absorbs daylight in a subtle way and which effect unifies with the artificial darkness of the place. Inside the space, all the objects were covered in chocolate. "...The author awake in us primitive reactions and the repulse of pay tribute to those who are no longer here and to the nights in which 'we will sing to the memory of the passions now gone'". Timothée Chaillou 2006

In this exhibition, CO producciones assumed all the press work of contacting the media, besides the executive direction of all the team that made possible the realization of this project. (Curators, webmaster, communication design, sponsors, collaborators and production team).