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September 15th, 2006 en les Ateliers mécaniques, Vevey-Suiza

Curator: Sigismond de Vajay | Artists: Carlos Amorales (México), Alejandro Vidal (España), Hassan Khan (Egipto), Sanna Kannisto (Finlandia), PinkTwins (Finlandia), Jordi Colomer (España), Santiago Sierra (España), John Bock (Alemania), El PERRO (España), Muntean/Rosenblum (Austria/Israel), Sean Snyder (USA), Solmaz Shahbazi (Irán) | General coordination: Sigismond de Vajay (KBB), Carolina Olivares (CO producciones) | Mounting crew: Jean Marc Cherix, Jean Pierre Hautin, Gerard Harris, Alain Urmi, Jennyfer Favre, Jenny Gaugin, Lionel Sumi, Johnny Fuso, Pierre Kipfer, Sven Tobler, Yves Savoye, Yves Führer, Ana Lugumerski | Graphics: Ivan Hernández | Webmaster: Angeles Moreno | Aknowledgements: Cédric Müller, François St Cyr, Vincent Olivieri, Vincent Steudler, Robert Grassi, Ludi et José Lopez, Luis Moreira y Belen Zabala, Raoul de la Fontaine, Nicholas Christol, Marianne Lambiel, Stephane Scully, Natasha Bechir | Sponsors: La Loterie Romande , La fondation Pro Helvetia, FRAME Finnish Funds for art Exchange, Getaz romang SA, Rivieracouleur, Vevey, Ville de Vevey, La voirie de Vevey, Amstein SA, Red Bull, Le théâtre de Vevey, Leguriviera sa, Vevey, Grisoni Zaugg, Vevey, Kocher, Vevey, Le centre social Protestant de Montreux, Photoptic Paillard, Fribourg, Banque cantonale Vaudoise, Imprimerie Friedeli, Vevey, Iris Sérigraphie, Puidoux, Family Deco, Vevey

Repeat All is an exhibition with a route of 12 video installations created in the last five years (2001 – 2007) by artists of different origins like Cairo, Mexico, Barcelona, London, New York, Helsinki, etc. Since the beginning it was thought as an itinerant project that was borned in Switzerland (Vevey) in September of 2006 in Ateliers Méchaniques.

CO producciones, in cooperation with Kültür Büro Barcelona made the design and general production of the project, formed a team of twelve people that built the 12 videoboxes of twenty square meters each, painted in different colors. Thanks to the support of La Loterie Romande it was possible to get all the technical needs this exhibition required (projectors, dvds, etc.). The idea of making this an itinerant project made easier the negotiations with future centers that took the project.