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October 22nd, 2005 at KBB
A rare evening of less talk, more music
experimental electronic

Artist: Terre Thaemelitz | Executive production, press and general coordination: CO producciones y Kültur Büro Barcelona | Produced by: KBB | Communication design: Iván Hernández | Collaborators: Viajes Ibérica Overseas, Arts Santa Mònica, BC HOTELES

Terre Thaemlitz is a multimedia producer, writer, public orator, educator, audio remixer, DJ and owner of Comatonse recordings, that have won many awards. His work critically combines themes of identity politics- including gender issues, sexuality, class, linguistics, ethnicity and race- with a continuos critic to socio-economics of commercial media production. This diversity of topics is matched by the wide range of styles in Thaemlitz production, which includes electroacoustic music by computer, club oriented deep house, digital jazz, ambient, and neo-expressionist piano solos composed with computers.

At KBB Thaemlitz presented two projects:
“TRANS-SISTER RADIO”, a kind of “electroacoustic radio drama”, originally produced for Hessischer Rundfunk Radio (HR2). The overall theme is transgender migration and travel. The Portuguese label GRAIN OF SOUND was in charge of the realease in the summer of 2005. The second project presented was “fagjazz”, under the stage name K-S.H.E. (KAMI-SAKUNOBE HOUSE EXPLOSION). The album’s title is “ROUTES NOT ROOTS”.
To make this concert, CO producciones and KBB work on communication design and contacting the media. Also the executive production (sponsors, Terre trip from Japan, etc.).