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 June 22nd to July 18th, 2004 at KBB

Artists: Carlos Amorales, Alejandro Vidal, SILVERIO, Jordi Mitjà | Executive production press and general coordination: CO producciones y Kültur Büro Barcelona | Produced by: KBB | Mounting crew: KBB Crew | Communication design: Iván Hernández | Collaborators: Ritveld Academy - Graphic design de Amsterdam

In conjunction with the Ritveld Academy-Graphic design of Amsterdam.
The artists presented at KBB, the result of a collaboration made in the space of KBB.

From the concert TERRODISCO by NUEVOS RICOS, the artists made a workshop making KBB a worklab where they investigated and explored the intersections of each project.
The final exhibition was the result of this dialogue between the artists and not from one author in particular.
In this exhibition, CO producciones managed the work of communications design, contacting the media and also the executive production.